Arica in a Nutshell:
Arica Parinacota in figures
Tomas Blos

By Tomas Bradanovic

MBA-in-progress at
Universidad de Tarapacá

The purpose of this compendium is to provide some oficial statistics on Arica Parinacota  Region. I hope it may be useful for those interested in the subject.

1.-Timeline: Economic milestones

The follow timeline shows the main milestones of the economic development of Arica.
Population doubled between 1953 and 1960, from 24.000 to 48.000 souls due the
comercial boom of the free port status created in 1953.

Then, in 1958 was created Junta de Adelanto de Arica, an autonomus system of local government who managed taxes collected locally. All the infraestructure of Arica until now was created in those years by the Junta.

In 1960 the freeport was closed and replaced by assembling factories to replace imports under the economic trends of those days, there was a boom of  economic activity based  on those business. In 1970 the industrial fishing was also booming, this lasted up to 1990 when the over explotation and weather phenomena (El Niño) made the fishes dissapear. Between 1960 and 1970 population grows from 48.000 to 93.000.

In 1980 Chilean economy was opened and assembing factories bankrupting, this year was created the Free Zone of Iquique (ZOFI) near Arica which booming the comerce
(mainly contraband) to Peru and Bolivia. From 1970 to 1980 population grows from
93.000 to 148.000

In 1990 Peru opened the economy and contraband was not profitable. Since then in
Arica started to grown services associated to assist tourists passing from San Pedro de
Atacama to Cusco. Many small hostels, transport services, tour operators and such was
created and drive the economic activity in teh city until now in 2010.  From 1980 to
1990 population grows from 148.000 to 160.000, and from 1990 to 2010 population
grows from 160.000 to 180.000 (all those are gross numbers)

2.- Demographics
In 2009 estimated population was 186,147 souls
Natural growt 2005-2010 was 11.57%
Exponentialgrowt was -6.6 per 1.000 habs (negative)
Arica PArinacota has 1.1% of total population of Chile

Most of population are in active age 15-64 years old

3.- Job posts per sector

The region is quite new (less than 1 year since creation) so there are not dissagregated intern domestic product figures yet. But we can estimate the importance of each economic sector as their contribution to employement (job posts) as follow:

Arica Parinacota ranks 5 between 15 as the less unemployement at national level. Rate from April to June 2010 was 6.8%
Arica Parinacota is below the national media of 8.5%
Most of jobs are in small and micro business (Arica Parinacota is Region XV)

5.- Human Development Index
In CASEN survey (2006) Arica Parinacota ranked 3 at national level. HDI measures
-Life expectancy
-Income (purchase parity)

6.-Vulnerability Index
Arica Parinacota ranked 9 from 15 in vulnerability index calculated by
CASEN 2006

Those are the factors of vulnerability index dissagregated (index 1 is the best)
Second column is Arica and third is the best of Chile

Arica Parinacota ranks 1st in education at national level

7.- Index of Poverty
The poverty in Chile is measured every 3 years with teh following "line
of poverty"
Those whose individual monthly income is under US$ 123 (cities) or
US$ 83 (rural) are under the line of poverty
Those whose
individual monthly income is under US$ 62 (cities) or
(rural) are under the line of indigency (extreme poverty).
So, for example one family of 4 are poor if their total monthly income
is under US$ 492 (cities)

Arica ranks 5 between 15 in the line of poverty at national lever and is under the media with 12.8% (national media 15.1%)

8.- Evolution of Poverty
Between 2006-2009 poverty in Arica Parinacota has decreased, unlike most of
the country from 18.8 to12.8

8.- Evolution of Indigency (extreme poverty)
Between 2006-2009 indigency in Arica Parinacota has increased, like most of
the country from 4.2 to 4.8

8.- Victimization (delincuency index)
As a survey of Paz Ciudadana from 2008 Arica ranks 4 betwee 15 as least
crime victimization in the country

9.- Healt Statistics
Source: Ministerio de Salud 2010

9.1.- Death rate per 100.000 habs, any cause 514. National media 528
9.2.-Death caused by cancer 129. National media 131
9.3.-Death per circulatory system disease 127 (lowest in Chile). National media 149
notified per 100.000 habs, 4.2 (1st highest in Chile). National media 2.4 (data from year 2007)
9.5.-Death per transit accidents 19 (2nd higest in Chile). National media 15
9.6.-Child death rate 6.8. National media 8.4

Life expectancy in Arica Parinacota 2004-2006 is 78.53 years old (national media 78.09, best region 79.35)

Complete info in spanish on healt statistics at